January 30 Time 1:45 and 2:30 Gerdan Duo Workshop at The Friends School of Baltimore, MD

February 15 Time 4PM  The Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church, Chevy Chase, MD www.chevychasepc.org

February 19 Time 9AM -10AM Gerdan Duo workshop at Windy Hill Elementary School Calvert County, MD


January 7, 2014 Time 9 AM and 2:15 Waters Landing Elementary School in Germantown, MD

January 10, 2014 Time 7PM Concert series at the Church of the Little Flower. 5607 Massachusetts Ave, Bethesda, MD

January 28, 2014 Time 10 AM Workshop/Performance at Chapel District Elementary school Eastern Shore MD

January 31, 2014 Time 7:30 PM Performance at the Embassy of Ukraine in Washington DC

February 25, 2014 Time 10:30 AM Workshop/Performance at Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in Rockville, MD

March 1, 2014 Time 12-2 PM Performance at Atlas Intersections Festival in Washington DC

March 9, 2014 Time 3PM The Shenandoah Music Association, Iowa

March 14, 2014 Time 8:45 AM Workshop/Performance at St. Stephan & St Agnes school in Alexandria VA

March 17, 2014 Time 9 AM and 10AM. Workshop at Saint Peter and Paul School in Easton MD

March 17, 2014 Time 1 PM Workshop at Tilghman Elementary School in MD

March 21, 2014 Time 1 PM Workshop/Performance at St. Patrick's Episcopal School in Washington DC

March 21, 2014 Time 7:30 PM Performance at The Embassy of Ukraine

April 3, 2014 Time 7PM Performance in Salisbury MD http://www.salisbury.edu/newsevents/panorama/Spring14/Panorama_Spring_2014.pdf

April 12, 2014 Time 11AM International Monetary Fund in Washington DC

April 27, 2014 Time 2 PM. Montage at The Broward Center for The Performing Arts, FL

May 13, 2014 Time 9:15 and 10:15 AM Stonegate Elementary School in Silver Spring MD

May 19, 2014 Time 9 AM and 10 AM St. Peter and Paul School, Easton MD

May 22, 2014 Time 12:00 PM Performance at Library of Congress, Washington DC  http://www.loc.gov/concerts/folklife/gerdan.html

July 2, 2014, Time 10:30 AM  John Addison Concert Hall/Harmony Hall, 6600 Kenilwarth Ave. Riverdale, MD http://arts.pgparks.com/Page19067.aspx

July 15 - Aug 2, 2014 Music camp TBA

July 18 Time 7:30 PM The Toronto Heliconian Club, Toronto Canada http://heliconianclub.org

July 25 Time 7:30 The Embassy of Ukraine "Peace Concert"  3350 M Street NW, Washington DC http://usa.mfa.gov.ua/en

August 24 Time 2PM Holly Trinity Ukrainian Church Festival in Silver Spring, MD

August 30 Time TBA private event

September 4 Time TBA Gallery in Montreal, Canada

September 5-7 Ukrainian Folk Festival in Montreal, Canada

September 9-10 Ottawa, Canada

September 12-14 Time TBA Folk Festival in Toronto  http://www.ukrainianfestival.com/performer_bio_2014.htm

September 26 Time 7:30 PM Embassy of Romania 1607 23rd. Street NW, Washington DC http://washington.mae.ro/en

October 2 Time 7:30 PM Embassy of Ukraine in Washington DC

October 5 Time TBA Hill Center in Washington DC

October 26 Time TBA Baltimore MD