Andrei Pidkivka – DMA in flute performance at Michigan State University.  Most recent performances as a soloist and a guest musician include the Columbus Symphony, Phoenix Symphony, Seattle Symphony, Oregon Symphony and Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestras.  As a concert classical flutist, teacher and performer, and maker of variety of folk flutes of his native Ukraine, Andrei Pidkivka has been critically acclaimed in the United States and Europe as the preeminent performer on his instruments.  In 2005 The Washington Post wrote “Andrei Pidkivka breezed through fast passages on a number of ethnic flutes, but he was most winning playing plaintive melodies on the naj, or pan flute, and the tylynka, a long, slender shepherd’s flute with no finger holes”.  The Seattle Symphony performed the Lord of The Rings Symphony on July 17, 2004, and the Seattle Times wrote, “Andrei Pidkivka owned the spotlight…Close your eyes and you’re in The Shire”.

Dr. Pidkivka appeared on The Lord of the Rings, Lion King, many Broadway and Disney productions. He presented numerous lectures-workshops in many universities and colleges across the United States. He performs extensively in concerts and festivals.  Performances include:  the Kennedy Center for the Arts, Metropolitan Museum of the Art, Austrian, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Ukrainian Embassies in Washington DC, The Andy Warhol Museum, Severance Hall, the National Folk Alliance Conference, National Flute Association in Washington, DC. and more.   Dr. Pidkivka was interviewed by the Voices of America Network for broadcast in Ukraine, as well as Baltimore Fox morning news 5TV, and appeared on National Public Radio and the Cleveland TV affiliate of PBS. Dr. Andrei Pidkivka has several recordings to his credit.